Entry #8

Will this be the last Sonic.exe video for this Halloween?

2015-10-28 23:27:40 by BoomBuster

I know I consider the last Sonic.exe video I will be doing for this Halloween, but it's not THE last Sonic.exe video. I intend to do one more with Dr.Robotnik in it, but it's not going to start next year. I don't know when will I start doing this, but I wanted to get back to focus on my current project and I am going to make short animations for YouTube sooner or later. So, I'm finished making Sonic.exe videos for now, but I'm not done with it. I will be making one with Dr. Robotnik and It won't be a Halloween special this time because I know people wanted one with Dr. Robotnik and I just didn't want to stop there. I still like Sonic.exe, but who doesn't, right?............

<3 ya, Freddy out


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2015-10-29 02:06:13

Probably a good time to take a break and to focus on the simple stuff. Think if you ever got around to Dr.Robotnik, would the length of the video be short like Tails' Halloween or longer Knuckles' Halloween?

BoomBuster responds:

I don't know yet, I didn't start to think how long the length would take now